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Who We Are

The Perfect Tours to Choose From

We have a tour to suit everyone. Every tour can be tailored to your preferences. Love reds? Let’s do the red wine tour of the valley. Don’t like wine? The cheese and beer tour sounds good for you. Just fancy going for a ride with a pub lunch? So do we!

Over 150 Vineyards to Visit

That’s right — the Hunter Valley is home to over 150 vineyards and cellar doors. Not to mention the breweries, distilleries, cheese factories, chocolate shops, cafes… There is something for everyone with Hunter Trikes.

Meet the Team


Owner, cleaner and dogs body at Hunter Trikes.

The only question was how can you get paid to ride and own some really cool bikes? Hunter Trikes is the result. Going for a ride in a great place with some fantastic people and getting paid for it … probably one of the best ideas yet!.


Looking sharp this morning for a wedding transfer.

James, AKA Poncho is a wealth of local and Aboriginal history. He is the only driver to do our cultural tours and they always go down well. When not driving the trike Poncho works in the mines.

Our Trike

Riding the Dream

The Boom Mustang ST1 is about as good as a trike gets. German engineering gives power and reliability. Giving you the thrill of sportscar performance with comfort and safety. Large boot space for wine or beers collected during the day and hands free communication with your driver.